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Prescription Monitoring in Lee's Summit

Helping Physicians Monitor Use of Prescription Drugs

The abuse of prescription drugs is a growing concern and a serious public health and safety problem. Physicians are turning to prescription monitoring to ensure that prescriptions are being followed per a doctor’s recommendations and also to identify people who may be abusing drugs.

ARCpoint Labs’ of Lee's Summit specialized laboratory testing and reporting services provide physicians with the information and support needed to enhance and optimize the care of chronic pain patients.

Monitoring via prescription drug testing can assist a physician in making more informed clinical decisions while also helping reduce the possible risk of misuse and possible subsequent abuse or diversion of powerful medications.

We offer testing for opioid medications, which are commonly-abused, as well as other powerful narcotics such as fentanyl, suboxone, and methadone.

Suboxone Testing

Suboxone is an opiate based narcotic used almost exclusively for rehabilitation of opiate addiction . . .

Methadone Testing

Methadone is an alternative to opiate pain medications and is often used in rehabilitation for opiate addiction . . .


of 12-25 year olds have used prescription drugs nonmedically in the last year


of overdose deaths are caused by abuse of opioid prescription drugs


of patients have used 5 or more prescription drugs in the past 30 days

The Efficacy of Prescription Drug Monitoring

As the number of prescription drugs sold in the United States rose over the past two decades, physicians and community leaders have worked together to develop programs to curb the abuse of opioid painkillers and the corresponding rise in overdose deaths.

Almost all 50 states have deployed prescription drug monitoring programs to identify potential abuse or diversion of medications.

Preliminary research on the efficacy of these programs has shown an average reduction of 1.12 in opioid-linked overdose deaths per 100,000 population in just the year after implementation. With improvements to prescription drug monitoring, researchers project 600 fewer overdose deaths annually (source).

Start reducing abuse of prescription drugs among your patients.

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.